How do I add a product to my touch screen POS display?

To add a product to your screen,

navigate to home mode. Select the programming button from the menu and you will then be prompted for a clerk number. This should have been provided with the installation of your till but by default, the training mode can be accessed with the clerk number 123, which will be enough to enter programming. 

From here, select option 4: Keyboard.

You will then be presented to with a grid of buttons representing your main menu. Using the small grey box in the top right corner of the screen, select the box where ‘main menu’ is displayed. You will then be presented with a list of menu levels. Choose the appropriate level where you want to add the button for your product. 

Once you have found a vacant button to place your product, select the button and select the box below the menu level name. This should currently display ‘NO FUNC

Select this and a list of all your products will be shown. Select your product from this list and it will appear in the button. From here, you can change the button and text colour using the boxes below where the product’s PLU number is displayed.