Cafes & Fast Food

EPOS Systems for Coffee Lounges, Cafes & Takeaway 


ECR can provide you with the most up to date POS (Point of Sale) system to the most elegant of coffee lounges, cafes and fast food outlets providing you with that bespoke package to enhance the smooth running of your business, whilst ECR can also provide you with the system to meet the requirements of a busy takeaway.

Takeaway operations can be handled excellently by Touch Takeaway.

Built In Customer Loyalty

Our Epos system has the ability to distribute either points or a value to loyalty cards, no need to for stamp cards that can be forged or damaged.

Staff Clock In System

No need for an external clocking in system. Our EPOS system can record staff hours and combined with Touch Office Web can provide detailed reports that can also intelligently work out hours worked, even if a staff member forgets to clock out.

Handheld Ordering with Pocket Touch

With Pocket Touch, taking orders with pen and paper is a thing of the past. Send orders straight from the table to the kitchen and retrieve bills from the till at the table. Minimise human error from handwritten orders.