Take orders direct from your customers table

The paper-free way to take food and drinks orders direct from your customers table.

ICRTouch’s PocketTouch is a speedy, efficient  paper-free way to serve your customer directly from their table. Giving that personal service you strive to achieve. This is the very latest EpoS software for hand-held devices, it has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry, orders are taken then instantly recorded and processed straight to your kitchen.

PocketTouch – This will prompt your staff to offer the choice of how their steak is to be cooked for example! Program it to your very own requirements.

This will also flag up when products on the menu are sold out and no longer available and what the alternative option may be…as example, you couldn’t  order two steak & ale pies if PocketTouch knows there is only one left in the kitchen.

The handheld device will store all the information your waiter staff needs to give a first class service time & time again.

PocketTouch offers….

• less waiting time for your customer, prompt and a very professional service.
• frees your tables up quicker.
• Easy to set up to your requirements.

Direct from Table to Bar and kitchen

Once your customers order is taken the hand-held device sends it straight to the bar and kitchen.

• This ensures that orders are not mistaken due to poor handwriting and spelling.
• This gives the chef and all kitchen staff accurate information at all times.
• This also allows your waiters and front of house staff to stay on the restaurant/bar floor, giving a personal and professional service.

From Table directly to your Touch Screen

Each order your waiter staff takes will be sent directly to the Touch Screen, to the allocated table on the system, where drinks also will be added that have been taken throughout the customers visit to your restaurant.

The customer’s bill will be accurate and clear. The Handheld device will give the name of your waiter staff, order time, table number and any special instructions that where given by the customer, very valuable information.

For more information on the Pocket touch please contact us, our sales team will be very pleased to help!

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PocketTouch From ICR will streamline your business.