Magnetic Loyalty Cards

Want to know more about your customer shopping habits?

Our Magnetic Loyalty Cards system will help you do just that as well as rewarding your loyal customers.

Benefits of using Loyalty Cards…


Points mean prizes


Implement a points system and thanks to touch – loyalty how you do is up to you. Monitor how things are going as touch -loyalty clearly displays your current points liability, because it’s so simple to set up, you can…
  1. Use points to sell products that have been sitting on the shelves for too long
  2. When points aren’t redeemed use touch loyalty to encourage customers to accrue more or to use them up
  3. Defer discounts to customers
  4. Restrict schemes with annual/monthly/weekly expiry dates
  5. These can be purchased if required as a gift card with a monetary value on them
  6. plus many more benefits

Please contact us for more information regarding touch loyalty.