How do I add a new product to a touch screen POS system?

To add a new product, first navigate to home mode. Select the programming button from the menu and you will then be prompted for a clerk number. This should have been provided with the installation of your till but by default, the training mode can be accessed with the clerk number 123, which will be enough to enter programming. 

From here, select option three: Programming, then option one: PLU, followed by option one: PLU again. Next choose a PLU that is not currently in use and press it to continue to the next screen.  Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the name of the new product and press the enter key. you will see that the name has been entered and that the  highlighted bar has moved down to the next field.

Using the arrow key, move the highlighted bar to the 1st @price field.  This is where you can set the price of your product.