How do I add/remove staff members from a touch screen POS?

To add or remove a staff member from your till system.

First, navigate to home mode. Select the programming button from the menu and you will then be prompted for a clerk number. This should have been provided with the installation of your till but by default, the training mode can be accessed with the clerk number 123, which will be enough to enter programming. 

From here, select option 3: programming. Then, select option 3: clerk

From here, you are then presented with different options for customising your staff members. 

Selecting clerk feature will take you to a list of clerks where you staff can be added. Any listing that states clerk with a number after it will be a vacant clerk that can be customised. 

Selecting this will bring up a list of customisation options starting with a field for entering the staff members name titled Descriptor.

Below that is a field for Secret sign on number.  This is where you can add a four digit pin number to a staff member to allow them to log in from the sales screen.

To remove a staff member, first highlight their secret sign on number and press enter on the on-screen keypad. You will then see secret sign on number appear in the entry field above the  keyboard. From here, simply press the back key on the keyboard to remove the sign on number then press the enter key. This will remove the four digit pin associated with that staff member and block access to that clerk until a new number is assigned.