As usual it`s `Busy, busy, busy` here at ECR as we are looking after our customers!

And yes that’s what we do best!

Read on to find out more…

At ECR we have been busy upgrading customers ICR Software upon request and Andrew has recently visited both The Wildman and the Fat Cat Brewery Tap in Norwich.

When customers systems need the ICR Software upgraded this is often due to the customer requesting their system to integrate with other products, such as card payment services or Touch Office Web, depending on the operating system which is on their Touchscreen, most screens will need to upgrade to Windows 10 for security reasons.

Ongoing support throughout the year

This is ongoing throughout the year, as you can imagine our customer base is constantly expanding, and there are of course customers that have had our Touch Screens for some time, so as their business grows, ECR are at hand to help this transition in many ways, such as, as mentioned above, upgrading of software, training new staff and offering help and guidance as and when needed.

When businesses are sold and the new proprietors take over the existing business ECR will step in and provide training if requested, or they may wish to upgrade the entire business management system. This is never a problem as a member of our dedicated team will visit and provide a free demonstration of what we have to offer.

At ECR we can provide a bespoke package to help your business grow and run efficiently.

Always happy to help & offer this is what we do best!


the wildman in norwich

fat cat brewery tap norwich