The time/date on my touch screen POS aren’t correct. How do I change them?

To change your POS’s system time.

First, navigate to home mode. Select the programming button from the menu and you will then be prompted for a clerk number. This should have been provided with the installation of your till but by default, the training mode can be accessed with the clerk number 123, which will be enough to enter programming. 

From here, select program 1: Prices & stock. Then, select option 6: Select system date & time. 

You are then presented with two entry fields, the first is for changing the time and the second is for changing the date. 

Selecting these fields will show the required format that the time and date need to be entered. 

Enter the new time and date and press the cross button in the bottom right of the screen to set the changes.

You can then check your changes have taken effect with the time display in the bottom right corner of the screen.