Josh and Kurt has installed two Aures Yuno Touch Screens, two new printers and a kitchen printer, all equipped with the latest version of ICR Touch Software at The Fish Inn in Atherstone, near Birmingham.

The installation went well, The Fish Inn was not open at the time so the shop was busy, but the engineers managed to get the Touch Screens all set up and ready for opening day.

The Touch Screens are robust and they are extremely popular in restaurants as well as fast food outlets.

As always the systems were programmed remotely in the Norwich office to ensure a smooth installation on the day, however we will be able to dial in upon request and make any changes that may be needed. For more information regarding all systems we provide please call us on 01603 610559.

A little history of Atherstone

Dating back to Roman times and the domesday book of 1086, records show that Atherstone was held by Countess Godiva. It’s also recorded that the battle of Bosworth actually took place in the fields of Merevale which is just above Atherstone.

But no battles took place on the day of installation, as always it went extremely smoothly!

All the staff at ECR would like to wish The Fish Inn every success on opening day and for future growth.

That’s all for now, bye for now…


yuno aures touch screen


yuno touch screen