At The Leys we have just recently upgraded the Touch Screens and also installed the latest ICR Software. These upgraded systems will perform a reliable and outstanding service to the staff at The Leys, providing them with accurate daily, monthly figures which is invaluable to all businesses.

The Leys is actually the only co- educational boarding and day school in the beautiful city Cambridge in the heart of East Anglia.

You will find The Leys located in the centre of the famous university city of Cambridge, where the pupils are lucky to have such a vibrant, historic and cultural city on their doorstep!

The Leys website is very interesting and they also have venue hire available.

Cambridge, a city of culture and history

Cambridge is a stunning city full of culture, history, beautiful restaurants (many of which are our customers), fabulous shops and so much more. For anyone who would like to learn more about Cambridge I will add a link here, there are many sites on line giving a wealth of information on this amazing city , but I’ve chosen this one.

Learn more about Cambridge

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