The Boudicca Hotel, Restaurant & Bar, Norwich

We are proud to announce that installation at this stunning newly refurbished Norwich hotel has taken place.

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The Boudicca Norwich

We have installed 4 Touch Screens at The Boudicca with the very latest ICRTouch Software, these systems are linked to the following:

At The Boudicca they will receive a first class service from ECR and the products installed will also serve them with an exceptional service.

The staff will be trained at a convenient time to the business as they are still extremely busy setting everything up, however the team at The Boudicca already have experience with Touch Screens, and they will have the knowledge that the ECR Team are only a phone call away if help is ever required.

We will have the ability, with permission, to dial in and provide price changes or items that may need adding to menus or drinks list from our Norwich office, this provides our customers with a reliable and very prompt service.

They also have Touch Office Web installed which enables the management to dial in at anytime and anywhere to view real time and historical reports. Touch Office Web provides you with complete control over your business, you can read more on this invaluable piece of software here.

Shall we now discuss this amazing venue?

More info about The Boudicca Hotel, Restaurant & Bar

A little news on the transformation of this historical hotel on the outskirts of Norwich.

This grand Georgian hotel has been closed for a complete renovation and is opening its doors to many excited guests. What was once known as Caistor Hall Hotel has been renamed by its new owners, and will now be known as The Boudicca Hotel.

It has been given a top to bottom renovation, walls have been stripped back and completely re-plastered, carpets all stripped up and beautiful wooden floors all retained to their former glory.

Much has been kept secret about the unveiling of the Boudicca, so once the new owner Scott Valentine is happy for us to spill the beans and sing from the roof tops about this amazing venue I will post another blog where I’m sure there will be some stunning photos!

I will add the address below along with contact details as I’m sure you will be wanting to visit this beautiful venue or maybe you’re considering a family celebration or a wedding, here is the most perfect venue.

The Boudicca Hotel
Stoke Road
Caistor st Edmund
NR14 8QN

Tel 01508 494998

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