Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

2016 was an extremely busy year and we would like to take this opportunity to say a thank you to all our new & existing customers, your business is very important to us and we wish to carry on a great working relationships with you all in the future.

At ECR in 2016 we saw some changes to the structure of our business, Tina our office manager retired after almost 30 years of service & Bruce Mckenna after over 40 years being involved with ECR also retired…

We welcomed Jason to ECR, Jason is our new office manager and has settled in as a member of our team extremely well and has already built up a great rapport with all our customers.

At ECR we also welcomed Kurt as an apprentice, Kurt within a very short time settled into ECR and has proved to be an extremely valued member of staff.

One of our engineers Josh celebrated his engagement on Christmas Day , so our congratulations are sent to Josh & Lucy…we are looking forward to the wedding-Ding Dong!!

We really do have a great team here at ECR, VERY PROUD OF THEM ALL!

We have two new products we would like to sing & dance about and that’s TouchTakeaway and TouchReservation

The links are below if you would like to take a look…



I will leave it there and once again I wish you all a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year…

Have a fabulous 2017.

Bye for now