ECR Gift Aid Specification

ECR Gift Aid Specification

Here are some of the benefits and functionality that will provide a single Gift Aid
solution to thousands of sites across the UK.

  • This is a fully integrated, cutting edge, Gift Aid Solution.
  • Donor detail entry at the point of sale, including donor information and item information for product sale listing.
  • System generated bar code items for each item, allowing ease of use and the ability to scan at point of sale.
  • Web based reporting, allowing access from any location with the internet.
  • ECR Gift Aid automatically generates HMRC Gift Aid claim forms.
  • Printed donor statements to the customer if they have no access to email.
  • Customer donation details and history available for targeted promotions.
  • Scalable solution, allowing benefits to single till sites or large multi-site venues and attractions.
  • Clearly identified administration charges and rates for the customer.
  • Modern web based solution, removing the need for server equipment on the customer site.
  • Increase productivity with the reduction of manual tasks, freeing staff time for other areas of business.
  • System generated emails to donors to let them know their donation has been sold, and thank them for their generosity.
  • Centralised donor file.
  • Central product file stored on the web based server, allowing centralised collection and distribution to branches.
  • Stock list reporting.
  • Refunds and Wastage are handle within the system too.
  • Donate change functionality if the customer says ‘Keep the change’.
  • ECR Gift Aid handles cash donations.

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