Three more Cash Registers delivered to the EACH disribution centre in Thetford this morning, these will be delivered to their new shops in due course, these are a robust and user friendly Cash Register used widely in retail.

Such a worth while Charity please do browse their site, I have attached a link to the EACH Website and the link that will take you through to their donation page

The Nook is being built in a beautiful woodland setting of 5 acres in Framingham Earl, I`m lucky enough to live very close to where this is being built and it truly is in a lovely setting. Each day as I walk past I see the extremely hard work that is going on to make this happen.

You can buy a virtual brick to help make this beautiful hospice in Norfolk happen. What a brilliant idea!

Contact Details

Contact Head Office

Tel: 01223 800 800.
Registered Office: EACH, 42 High Street, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6DF

I do hope you take the time to browse the EACH Website.

Thank you…



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