Restaurant EPOS Systems

ECR will supply Touch Screens and Handheld Units that link to your back office software providing you with total control of stock. We can also offer the designer look with colour coordinated touch screens to match your bar’s decor as well as traditional models.

When it comes to dining out, ECR has it covered.

  • ICR’S Touchpoint is the number one EPOS solution to enhance your business from a Michelin starred restaurant, cosy country pub restaurant to a sleek & sophisticated bistro in town, ECR has the answer to your success
  • Displays the status of any given table. Is it in use? How much has the customer spent? Has the bill been requested?
  • Includes a table reservations diary allowing tables to be booked and deposits accepted months in advance
  • Stock Control – eg if an item on the menu is now sold out your waiting staff will know not to accept any more orders
  • The software will remind staff to ask the customers if they would like side orders or maybe how the steak should be cooked medium or rare
  • Table analysis – this will find out for you the most & least popular tables
  • Deals with set menus and can swap between them with ease if a diner changes his or her mind

There is so much more that Touchpoint can offer your business

Touch Office

ICR’S Touch office is add on software which will give you detailed information on what’s behind your bar in your Kitchen store rooms, stock room & cellars. Together they will give you fantastic control over file & stock management whilst giving you detailed reports.

Pocket Touch

Pocket touch: Pair TouchPoint with a handheld device ordering system ,and you then have an EPoS System capable of taking orders directly at the table ( even if its al fresco).

No more illegible hand written orders being deciphered at the till. Your waiters handheld device will transmit the order directly to the terminal and the printers. In the event of a customer asking for something that’s not on the menu custom messages can be keyed in, or even written directly onto the unit by hand.

Touch Loyalty

Touchpoint features customer loyalty software that accurately tracks and targets promotions.its the most comprehensive built-in loyalty software on the market, Combine this with your TouchPoint and you will have the secret to fantastic customer service at your fingertips and you will even be able to send your own Email Marketing.

For more information on how ECR can help you, and the first class service we will  provide you, call us today!

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