Kitchen Order Management Display

This screen will transform the way food orders are processed, from your customers starters requests through to their desserts.

Customer orders will be organised on a kitchen screen for easy ticket management.

From the front of house or counter where the orders are taken via our Touch Screens the orders are sent through to the screen in the Kitchen/preparation area.

This procedure eliminates the use of a kitchen printer.

No more lost tickets for your kitchen staff.

  • Digital tickets will go straight to the kitchen
  • No more tickets will get dropped, misplaced or misread
  • Clear and precise information to your Chef & Kitchen Staff is promptly delivered

Cook Summary

  • TouchKitchen will not only provide information ticket by ticket, but it will also show the chef & his kitchen team an accurate summary of everything that is on the list to cook & prepare for your customers.


  • Timers will allow your chef / Kitchen team to know in advance what is next to be prepared
  • You also can utilise one-shot timers or reset timers on individual tickets

All the Information is accurate and legible and there is certainly no room for misunderstanding on what has been ordered by your customers.

This will enable your Chef or kitchen team to have complete control, including the ability to view, sort or peg meal orders, you will also have the option to set preparation timers to ensure no orders are forgotten and all meals go out in good time and your customers are pleased with the speedy & prompt service.

Bump Bar device

If your kitchen or prep area gets extremely hot, sticky & greasy, you can easily add a bump bar to help the control of your device easier…More information is available on this product, just call our team on 01603 610559 & we can provide a FREE demonstration for you at your convenience.

ICT Touch Kitchen Bump Bar


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ICR Touch Kitchen


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